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3 Common Mentors in a Teen's Life

3 Common Mentors in a Teen's Life, and How They Can Help

Posted: May 29, 2019

Having a mentor can significantly impact a teenager’s life in a positive way. Going to school, socializing with peers, and a positive home life can become better experiences. These common mentors may help teens live the best life they can.

Martial Arts Instructors

As a mentor, a martial arts instructor can provide an enjoyable learning environment. Their attitude towards life may be inspirational in a way that provokes memories of favorite movies about martial arts. This mentor is skilled at teaching discipline of the body, mind and spirit. Learning martial arts can be fun and educational in an exciting way. It can motivate teens to live a better life away from drug and alcohol abuse, gangs, and an idle mind. A great martial arts instructor will know how to engage with teenagers and use their skills to help keep them on track.

School Counselors

Licensed school counselors are dedicated to helping students reach their full potential. According to Connections Academy, school counselors “assist with academic goal setting, scheduling and planning, personal and social development, career planning, and college planning.” Teens can feel out of touch with their peers or teachers, but a trusted school counselor can listen to their problems without judgment or harsh criticism. They can change teens' lives by making their issues easier to handle throughout school. Teens can learn how to take better tests, deal with bullies, and handle their intense emotions. School counselors should be understanding of a teen’s needs in a noninvasive way. When teens commit to achieving their goals with a positive mindset, they have something healthy to focus on.

Church Leaders

Spirituality can empower someone to change their life for the better. A church leader can inspire teens to believe in and rely on a higher power when they need it most. Church leaders view people and life in a way that's not material or superficial. According to Orange Leaders, church leaders can help teens learn how to be moral and ethical before they enter adulthood and have to make tougher choices. Through church, teens might also find meaning to their lives and learn the value of charity.

Life as a teenager is often full of difficult obstacles that can have an overall negative affect on their lives. They need empathy and unconditional love to gain the necessary strength needed to thrive in an often cruel world. A good mentor will make a teen feel safe and can be trusted to act responsibly in their position as a role model.