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5 Ways to Boost Post-Class Recovery and Speed Your Progress

Posted: May 29, 2019


They are about a million reasons to practice martial arts on a regular basis. Martial arts are not only used to improve your physique and fighting skills, but they also work to reduce stress and enhance focus and concentration.

It's no secret that martial arts will transform your life on both a physical and mental level, but it can be so physically demanding at first that you may find yourself discouraged. If this sounds like you, here are 5 ways to enhance your recovery process from one training session to the next.

Rest Well

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Even the star of the show must take some time out to relax. I know, your adrenaline is pumping, and you want to make the best of this time, but pushing your body to the point of overexertion can cause serious injury. Be sure to rest a day or two between practices to give your body a chance to rebuild itself so that all of your hard work doesn't go to waste. This is especially important when you’re just starting out.

Soak Your Body

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This one is my absolute favorite! Elect a couple days out of the week to soak in a hot tub or spa, and your body will thank you later. This will help increase blood circulation within the body, loosen up your muscles, and help with any pain due to muscle soreness. To maximize the benefit, throw in some epsom salts and a few drops of a relaxing essential oil like lavender. If you’re using a public hot tub, you might want to ask first though.

Get a Massage

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Never underestimate the power of a good sports massage. After a couple of weeks of kicking, blocking, and striking, your muscles are likely more than tense. Massage therapy is a must. Book an appointment at your local spa or even have a seat in a massage chair to help heal those aching muscles and joints.

Adjust Your Diet

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I am not asking you to go vegan or anything, but consuming more essential nutrients like potassium and calcium are key to improving muscular growth and cardiovascular endurance. Eating more nutrient-dense foods like oatmeal, berries (great for cardiovascular health), nuts and seeds will encourage your body to withstand tougher training sessions.

Stay Hydrated

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In the recovery process, staying hydrated is essential. Almost 60 percent of your body is made up of water and therefore it is essential to use water to maintain temperature, remove waste, and lubricate your joints. Drinking water and staying hydrated following a workout will help you perform better, reduce fatigue, improve endurance and even lower your maximum heart rate.

Never Skip Stretching

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If you frequently blow past your stretching sessions, you are asking for injuries and slow recovery periods. You use just about every muscle in your body while practicing martial arts, so make sure to give your body the proper warm up beforehand. Stretching out not only improves flexibility, but it also relieves tension and helps prevent you from spraining any muscles.

Following these simple tips will keep from having to sit out for too long and allow you to experience the unlimited benefits of martial arts. Just remember to drink plenty of water and keep your head in the game!