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5 Tips for Better Respect from Your Student

Posted: July 12, 2017

Respect is an essential skill for leaders in today's world though one that we see less and less of. We want all of our students to strive each day to be a more respectful individual. If you're in our ATA Leadership Program you know we start with respecting ourselves, then others, then society and the world.

Today we want to give you five tips for making sure your child strives to be a more respectful individual.

Do Hard Things - When you strive for a goal that is hard it forces you to work harder and learn more about your abilities. You respect yourself more when you do things that are hard and have the perseverance to finish strong. One of the best ways for our students to do this is to set their goal for Black Belt. No one ever achieved their Black Belt and though less of themselves for it!

Don't Just Hear...Listen - Stop listening to interrupt and start listen to truly understand. We often talk to children about the importance of listening but as I observe parents in my school and in the community it's obvious that parents need to start by demonstrating this ability to listen to their children and families first. You can make sure your children are more respectful by show them how to listen with respect.

Monitor their Language - The words we use change the way we think. If you want to make sure your children show respect make sure you watch what you say and what they say. You should also make sure you monitor what the language they listen to online and on other screens mirrors the way you want them to speak.

Limit Screen Time - It may be controversial but we suggest limiting the time children spend in front of screens. Respect is lost when kids (and adults) start seeing other individuals as just a virtual person. Make sure your children are learning age appropriate social skills! This is why we love ATA time.

Show Respect for Authorities - You might not like it but teachers, leaders, and even politicians are people of authority. Our children won't respect us as authorities if we don't show respect for other authority figures. Make sure you model for your children the proper respect that should be shown to authorities even if you don't agree with them. Talk to them about how you can show respect without agreeing on everything.

At ATA Excellence Martial Arts we talk all the time about how respect is not what we know, it's what we do! One of the best ways to make sure our children are learning respect is by demonstrating it. If we live a life of respectful actions we can talk with our children with a strong foundation that they can see. Our children will learn more by what they see from us then by what we say.