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5 Tips for Helping Your Children

5 Tips for Helping Your Children Get Involved in the Community

Posted: December 18, 2017


Becoming involved in the community is important for everyone, especially children. This is the time they develop their attitudes and ideas towards the outside world. Giving them positive ways to integrate themselves into the community will ensure healthy development. The way they view the world will impact the choices they make about careers and college. These five tips should help educate parents on involving their children in the community.

Involve Them in Local Programs

One of the best ways to get your children interested in what goes on in the community is to get them involved in those activities. Not only will your child learn new skills, but they will also get a chance to meet new people and learn things they wouldn’t have at home. For instance, martial arts have proven to be one of the best ways to teach children to be respectful of others while developing self-confidence. This self-confidence translates into other areas of their life, allowing children to improve the world around them.

Expose Them to New Ideas

If you want your child to get involved, you need to help them understand why they need to be involved. While the level of engagement will depend on their age, it can be helpful to start introducing your child to what is going on in the community and the nation. Local newsgroups can provide a great resource for relating current events to your children and what they are experiencing. As they can make these connections, you can help your child figure out how they can make a difference.

Encourage Them to Create

Creativity encourages empathy because it allows freedom of expression in a fun and healthy way and it allows your child to connect others. Creativity doesn’t exist in a vacuum, so this can help them connect with others. Joining an art class or learning to play a musical instrument are great options. Every child is different, and there are plenty of ways to be creative. Don't give up on finding an activity they genuinely enjoy, and that fits their unique personality. Teach them the benefits of creativity and how it will affect their future for the better.

Help Them Feel Comfortable

When children have a friend with them, they may feel less intimidated. Try to get a group of children their age together for the activities that you involve your children in. You can also encourage your child to befriend people that they meet at community activities. If your child is feeling uncomfortable, listen to them about how they feel and make sure they know you care. You can also pitch in and help them, so they are less likely to feel nervous. This isn’t a journey they should be making alone.

Help Them Volunteer

Get them out into the world so they can see things for themselves. Volunteering can be immensely rewarding and even help children live healthier lives. Some ways are donating to a food pantry, helping out at the local animal shelter or cleaning up trash for the environment. Kids can learn responsibility, morals, and feel better about themselves.

While most children may be social, some are naturally quiet and need to do activities appropriate to their nature. Be positive and pay attention to their feelings. Everyone has something to contribute.