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At What Age Can You Start Martial Arts?

Posted: July 05, 2017

One of the most common questions people have when they start investigating martial arts is what ages students can start. Because martial arts isn't as prevalent in many communities as activities like dance and baseball parents often find themselves spending some time finding out about the basics of what it means to get involved in a martial arts program.

Most martial arts schools have a variety of kids programs as well as adult programs. Here at ATA Excellence Martial Arts we offer two different kids programs as well as our adult program for our core program. The first of these programs is our ATA Tiger class. We offer this program for students ages 4 to 6.

The ATA Tiger program focus on teaching the core concepts of martial arts with an emphasis on life skills training as well as basic physical coordination and fitness. Children in this program will learn many of the same skills as our older students but at a slower pace and will spend more time working on the basics. It's understood by parents that the goal of our ATA Tiger program is first to teach respect, discipline, and confidence while encouraging fitness, coordination and self-defense.

Students between the ages of 7 and 14 fit into our Karate for Kids program. This program focus on traditional martial arts with each class covering self defense, basic techniques, forms, sparring drills, board breaking and basic weapons. (Don't worry if you don't know what each of those are.) The ATA Karate for Kids program teaches 6 main life skills while training students to become Black Belts. These life skills are respect, communication, belief, honesty, discipline, and self-esteem and are core to what we want our students to learn as they grow and develop into Black Belt Leaders!

Finally, we also have teens and adults participating in our martial arts programs. Here at ATA Excellence Martial Arts we value the family and our goal is to empower families to strive for excellence. Because of that focus we invite all of our adults to participate in classes with our Karate for Kids. Our adults enjoy training with other adults while getting to take class with their children as well. Our certified instructors are expertly trained to help all student progress in classes whether they are kids or adults.

In addition to these programs we offer a variety of add ons and extra trainings. I hope this article helps answer your question about what age children and adults can start in a martial arts training program.