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No One Will Tell You!

What No One Will Tell You!

Posted: January 26, 2017

I'm going to share with you something that 90% of martial arts schools out there won't and something every business consultant suggests against. I'm going to tell you how much we charge for our programs.

First, there's good reason most people won't share the cost on their website. It's because you don't understand the value of what a martial arts program has to offer without actually trying it out. If you just see the cost you say, "Man! I have to pay that for my kid to get to learn to kick things?! He knows how to do that already!"

Without first actually visiting the training location, meeting the instructors, and getting to know what the program actually provides you don't have a good idea what you're actually getting in the program you choose. So many people jump to conclusions when they hear the price of lessons. (BTW this happens with all kinds of products and services not just the martial arts.)

Another reason most martial arts schools won't list their prices online is because it causes people to compare apples to oranges. People often compare martial arts training to base ball, hockey, dance, or gymnastics but we don't think that's a fair comparison for ATA Excellence Martial Arts. To really compare our program with one of those you'd have to say we are a fitness facility that teaches a self-defense art that also intentionally integrates character development to build individuals mentally and physically.

"But I learned team work and character traits in basketball when I was in school!"

Well that may be true but there's a difference between an activity where learning the sport or winning a game is the goal and character development is a by product and an activity (like ours) where character development and life skills are the goal and martial arts is the vehicle.

Finally, the last reason many martial arts schools don't list their price is because it automatically gets people thinking, "I can't afford that." In reality, we all made decisions on what we want to afford and what we don't. For me, when Apple comes out with a new product, I find a way to afford it but when I should pay someone to paint my house I say I can't afford it. We all make these kinds of choices because we pay for what we value.

So, if you're the kind of person who values the character and development of your family physically and mentally you'll find a way to afford our program. We've had hundreds of families of all income levels train with us because they knew our program would benefit their family and it was worth it.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you how much our programs cost! At the time of this post we charge $95/month for one family member and $165 for the whole family to join. There are some other expenses like safety gear and rank testings but that gives you an idea. I can honestly say it's worth every penny. I wouldn't trade the 22 years of martial arts training (and tens of thousands of dollars I've spent) for anything. It's changed my life and the lives of hundreds of people I know.