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How Learning to Fight Actually Keeps Teens Out of Trouble

Posted: November 22, 2017

Every year, almost 400,000 minors in the United States go through the juvenile court system. This is most often due to minor crimes such as shoplifting or truancy; however, it can also include more serious crimes such as assault or felony robbery. If you or a loved one has a child with behavior issues, it can be a very difficult situation to know how to approach. You have to be able to talk and listen to a troubled teen and it takes patience, empathy, and lots of tough love. Preventing teen delinquency and legal trouble starts with a solid foundation, and ways to help teens process their feelings and emotions in a healthy way. Keeping teens out of trouble is all a matter of giving them a purpose. One of the best hobbies to try is martial arts. The following guide provides some simple tips and tricks on how to keep teens out of trouble through self-defense, karate, and similar martial arts.

Fitness and Exercise

One of the best ways to keep teens out of trouble is by ensuring they have an active lifestyle. An active lifestyle helps teens to release any pent-up energy and emotions, and gives them a physical way to learn using both brain and body. Physical training gives young kids and teens a personal drive and goals to work toward. Extra fitness also serves to teach them how important physical health is, and can get them in the habit of building a healthy life and foundation.

Self-Discipline and Inner Strength
A huge reason why martial arts are a great choice for troubled teens is that it demonstrates using a lot of self-discipline and inner strength. In addition to being a great way to stay in shape, martial arts teach discipline to teens. They have to know their limits, understand their own body, and use their mind as much as their limbs whenever they spar. The physical strength that comes also teaches teens to learn balance both in life and in training. Since martial arts rely on discipline and personal strength, they are a great way to ensure that children are able to build a better attitude toward themselves and those around them. 



Martial arts foster better relationships within their communities. Utilizing the local police forces, fire stations, local businesses, and other community groups, many martial art schools are a great way for kids to make friends, build relationships, and get to know others in the community. In addition, many in the martial arts community are welcoming of newcomers. This combination of traits makes it a great choice for young adults who may have advanced needs.


Life Skills

Some parents may worry that teaching martial arts skills to troubled teens may encourage fighting. However, this is not the case. Martial arts is based on the concept of restraint and self-control. It isn't about lashing out at perceived wrongs or slights against one's character. Instead, it's based on building a stronger person, both mentally and physically. By building these skills, children will be better equipped to handle the complex social situations that may face them in later life. Most important, this is a great way for younger adults to make new friends and develop a wonderful new set of skills that will benefit them their entire life. 


In some situations, the best course of action for troubled teens may be to take them out of the environment causing problems. For example, there are many facilities available for troubled children that specialize in providing education and guidance for those with advanced needs. For prevention, and a solid start though, martial arts is a great way to go!