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How to Be a Worker of Excellence

Posted: October 11, 2017

This past weekend I was working at our communities big festival. This festival features tons of food booths put together by local community groups and non-profits to help raise funds. It's an amazing event and a lot of fun.

Each year I get the opportunity to supervise a few of the shifts put together at our church's booth. Usually at least one of these shifts is manned by a lot of middle and high schoolers. Over the years I've observed a lot of kids and they usually fit into one of two categories.

The first group is the "teach me" group. These kids are ready to learn how to do a job and want to be involved. They look for things to do and opportunities to be useful. These individuals not only thrive at a job they are given they seek out other ways to be useful.

You can imagine that the second group is a little different. These are the "bare minimum" workers. They do what they're told but only just. These kids take lots of breaks, find excuses for not getting things done, and never look for more work to do.

Kids aren't the only ones with these issues but let's work on helping make our students workers of excellence and not warriors of average.

So, how can you help your children become a Worker of Excellence? Here are a few tips.

  • Don't Reward Average Results - When your child does a job (big or small) don't reward them if it's done half way. Make them do it again, and again, until it's done with excellence. Then PRAISE THEM for doing it at that level.
  • Reward the Extra Mile - Anytime you see your child going above and beyond what is usually expected make sure you call attention to it. Praise them and let them know you are proud of them and their extra effort.
  • Model Excellence - Kids learn by your example. When you show them that it's fine to do things that are "good enough" that's what they'll learn. If you show them that going the extra mile is an important habit in your life, it will become one in theirs.
  • Cultivate Initiative - Kids are naturally curious which is a great way to build their initiative. Help them use that curiosity to learn new things and pursue new ideas. Help them see that work is fun when you're doing things of value!

I think we can all agree that the workplaces in our community are in desperate need of workers who show excellence and those workers are going to go far because they will be rewarded for being Warriors of Excellence.