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What Happened to the Casual Athlete?

Posted: January 26, 2017

Once upon a time, there was a child who wasn’t a gifted athlete. His dad took him outside to learn to catch a ball, and it was a disaster. His parents signed him up for tee-ball and he took part but never excelled. After a year or two, he didn’t want to continue because the team started practicing four days a week and kids were starting to make fun of those who didn’t play as well.

This young man wanted to try out for the middle school track team but since he wasn’t an “athlete” like the other guys in his class he was too intimidated. Everyone else was playing three of four sports, and he couldn’t find one he was good at. Instead, he sat in his room playing video games.

Though this story is made up, I’m sure you know many people who can relate to it. It seems that in our culture you’re either an athlete, which means you play a minimum of 3 sports, or your not. There seems to be no place for the casual athlete, and that’s hurting our children.

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