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How Martial Arts Can Help Struggling Addicts Get Free

Posted: November 22, 2017

For those struggling with substance abuse or other mental ailments related to physiological-altering stimulants, a great alternative to prescribed medication can be found in the martial arts. Yes, the martial arts are not just for self-defense, they can also instill mental fortitude and discipline, attributes that are often eroded away after prolonged substance abuse. The dedication, commitment and years necessary to master a martial art requires significant self-discipline that often extends to all aspects of the practitioner's life.

The increased mental and physical strength gained from martial arts training is a wonderful bonus to the practice that compliments the increased self-esteem a recovering addict gains. Whereas certain prescribed medications can occasionally have severe side effects, an individual implementing a dedicated martial arts regimen can avoid such complications and setbacks. Robert K. Spear's 1989 novel, "Hapkido the Integrated Fighting Art" and John Pyecha's 1970 thesis paper on the effect of Judo on college freshmen are but two of many studies that give indication that martial arts therapy is a viable holistic treatment for those attempting to recover from physical, emotional, and psychological damage brought about by substance abuse.

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I'm Not a Miracle Worker But I Want to Help

Posted: October 18, 2017

Let me be clear, I believe martial arts is an amazing activity that can help students gain confidence, discipline, and respect...but it's not a magic bullet. Helping a child learn these skills is a partnership. For students to internalize the lessons we teach they need to be reinforced at home as well.

Can you imagine if you went to a personal trainer who kicked your butt two hours a week and then went home and ate nothing but donuts and french fries the rest of the time? It's obviously not the personal trainer's fault you're not losing weight. It's the lifestyle outside of the gym that's causing the issue. Our instructors are like personal trainers. We're going to give you the tools but you have to help reinforce the skills at home.

I can't tell you the number of times I've seen a student show respect and confidence in class and then immediately start to act out after class and never get reprimanded by a parent. As instructors we do our very best to instill the life lessons we teach every time a student is in class but that gives us only a few hours of influence on a student a week. To really make the training stick parents and family members need to continue to carry on the Pillars of Excellence at home.

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