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How to Be a Worker of Excellence

Posted: October 11, 2017

This past weekend I was working at our communities big festival. This festival features tons of food booths put together by local community groups and non-profits to help raise funds. It's an amazing event and a lot of fun.

Each year I get the opportunity to supervise a few of the shifts put together at our church's booth. Usually at least one of these shifts is manned by a lot of middle and high schoolers. Over the years I've observed a lot of kids and they usually fit into one of two categories.

The first group is the "teach me" group. These kids are ready to learn how to do a job and want to be involved. They look for things to do and opportunities to be useful. These individuals not only thrive at a job they are given they seek out other ways to be useful.

Our Manifesto - Warriors of Excellence

Posted: September 27, 2017

We recently wrote and published our Manifesto. This is a statement about who we are and what we're striving to become at ATA Excellence Martial Arts. It's our rallying cry and we hope you'll join us in making it yours.

"We're strivers, fighters, Warriors of Excellence! We never give up.

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