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Keep Your Child Motivated by Showing Your Belief

Posted: March 21, 2018

I've had over a thousand children come through the doors of ATA Excellence Martial Arts in Kendallville. One of the determining factors in which children reach the goal of Black Belt is you...the parent!

Our goal is for every one of our students to become a Black Belt. Many stay after achieving their first black belt (that's when the fun really starts) but there are also so many who quit long before they get close to the Black Belt level. Why? Because they don't believe they can really become a Black Belt and that belief is reinforced by parents.

Every child that walks into our school starts with the belief that they can become a Black Belt. That initial "Yes I Can!" attitude flame is an essential part of becoming a great future leader but it's often blown out by doubt and a lack of reinforcement.

The Crisis of Porcelain Thoroughbreds and How to Stop It!

Posted: January 26, 2018

For years self-esteem was a buzz word in child development. Parents were super concerned about making sure their children grew up with a healthy sense of self-esteem but it back fired. Parents and child development experts realized that just telling kids how great they are didn't really build self-esteem. A term often used for children who have developed this way is "porcelain thoroughbreds." They look tough but the break easy.

We want to make sure our students at ATA Excellence Martial Arts develop real self-esteem so that they can become leaders in their families and communities!

3 tips for helping your children build real self-esteem:

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