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5 Surprising Benefits of Practicing Martial Arts

Posted: February 25, 2019

Practicing martial arts benefits the body and mind both inside and outside of the gym. It helps children feel more positive about themselves, develops discipline and improves overall quality of life. These and other advantages of martial arts study can last for many years. Let's take a look at a few of the major benefits you and your children can expect from the study of martial arts.

Better Quality Sleep

As a form of regular physical activity, martial arts helps children fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly during the night and achieve a greater amount of the deep, restorative sleep that repairs cell damage. Getting quality sleep is vital in preventing colds and other infections, and it is also a key component of weight control. Studying martial arts provides an outlet for children to practice healthy stress management, and it can reduce anxieties that may disrupt sleep. Evolve MMA explains that exercise plays a role in your quality of sleep. People who work out for an hour fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night.

3 Common Mentors in a Teen's Life, and How They Can Help

Posted: January 02, 2019

Having a mentor can significantly impact a teenager’s life in a positive way. Going to school, socializing with peers, and a positive home life can become better experiences. These common mentors may help teens live the best life they can.

Martial Arts Instructors

As a mentor, a martial arts instructor can provide an enjoyable learning environment. Their attitude towards life may be inspirational in a way that provokes memories of favorite movies about martial arts. This mentor is skilled at teaching discipline of the body, mind and spirit. Learning martial arts can be fun and educational in an exciting way. It can motivate teens to live a better life away from drug and alcohol abuse, gangs, and an idle mind. A great martial arts instructor will know how to engage with teenagers and use their skills to help keep them on track.

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