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6 Tips to Juggle Kids and a Career While Getting an Education

Posted: December 12, 2017

Many people decide to return to school or continue their education after they start a family. Having children can put a strain on the finances, which makes it essential to complete college and advance in your career. When you're juggling a career, children, and your education, there are a few critical tips to follow.


1. Ask for Help

How To Make Retirement Your Fittest Time Ever

Posted: December 08, 2017

Between working 40+ hours a week and raising a family, the first thing to go is often physical fitness. As seniors look forward to retirement, however, it’s not too late to reverse the damage. In fact, for many people, the extra time from retirement and disposable income from selling your life insurance policy makes this the perfect opportunity to get in the best shape of your life!

Make a physical fitness plan and stick to it

Martial Arts Training is Not a Complete Self-Defense System

Posted: November 30, 2017


Self-defense is always a relevant topic to discuss. In schools and dojos across the country, men and women are learning how to stand up for themselves and keep themselves safe for attackers. It can also build the students’ confidence. Unfortunately, this confidence coupled with overstated claims used by many gyms for advertising can lure many into a false sense of security. While the martial arts are useful, they don't provide a complete self-defense system.

How Martial Arts Can Help Struggling Addicts Get Free

Posted: November 22, 2017

For those struggling with substance abuse or other mental ailments related to physiological-altering stimulants, a great alternative to prescribed medication can be found in the martial arts. Yes, the martial arts are not just for self-defense, they can also instill mental fortitude and discipline, attributes that are often eroded away after prolonged substance abuse. The dedication, commitment and years necessary to master a martial art requires significant self-discipline that often extends to all aspects of the practitioner's life.

The increased mental and physical strength gained from martial arts training is a wonderful bonus to the practice that compliments the increased self-esteem a recovering addict gains. Whereas certain prescribed medications can occasionally have severe side effects, an individual implementing a dedicated martial arts regimen can avoid such complications and setbacks. Robert K. Spear's 1989 novel, "Hapkido the Integrated Fighting Art" and John Pyecha's 1970 thesis paper on the effect of Judo on college freshmen are but two of many studies that give indication that martial arts therapy is a viable holistic treatment for those attempting to recover from physical, emotional, and psychological damage brought about by substance abuse.

Treatment Centers That Already Use Martial Arts

How Learning to Fight Actually Keeps Teens Out of Trouble

Posted: November 22, 2017

Every year, almost 400,000 minors in the United States go through the juvenile court system. This is most often due to minor crimes such as shoplifting or truancy; however, it can also include more serious crimes such as assault or felony robbery. If you or a loved one has a child with behavior issues, it can be a very difficult situation to know how to approach. You have to be able to talk and listen to a troubled teen and it takes patience, empathy, and lots of tough love. Preventing teen delinquency and legal trouble starts with a solid foundation, and ways to help teens process their feelings and emotions in a healthy way. Keeping teens out of trouble is all a matter of giving them a purpose. One of the best hobbies to try is martial arts. The following guide provides some simple tips and tricks on how to keep teens out of trouble through self-defense, karate, and similar martial arts.

Fitness and Exercise

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