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Is your child a Follower, Leader, or Loner?

Posted: April 14, 2017

All people fall into one of these three categories. People are either followers who only do what others want them to do. They pick the path that is set out for them. Do the normal thing, and often don’t get to really express their own interests or desires.

Of course in today’s society it seems like we have lesson followers and more loners. These are the kids (and adults) who go to work or school and then spend all their free time alone. They spend hours on the computer watching YouTube or playing online games. They find all of their identity in their lonerness. This epidemic of loneliness is causing lots of long term problems. Most, if not all, of the recent school shooting purpetrators, came from this category.

The final category of people is leaders. Now, this doesn’t mean they are in charge of large groups or are going to be corporate big-wigs. Often a leaders is just someone who knows who they are, and how to live their life on their own terms. They have dreams and aspirations that they work to achieve. They are able to influence those around them to help improve the lives of everyone they come in contact with. This is a true leader and something we should all aim to be.

People mistakenly think leadership is a trait you are born with or you aren’t. This is certainly not the case. In my own life I’ve learned how to be a leader from my family and my ATA martial arts training. I could have easily become a loner had I not had these two huge influences in my life.

One of my favorite classes to teach at ATA Excellence is our Leadership class because I get to help train adults and children alike how to become leaders in their lives. Now, we are getting ready to take our leadership program to the next level and do an even better job of changing the lives of those we teach.

If you want your family to be a family of leaders I suggest you take some time and stop in and see what we’re doing at ATA Excellence