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Respect is Not What You Know, It's What You Do

Posted: June 14, 2017

Respect isn't just an awesome song by Aretha Franklin it's something we all want to have. The martial arts is known for teaching respect. You see it in the bowing, titles for instructors, and saying "yes sir." But when we talk about respect at ATA Excellence Martial Arts we're talking about more then just the things people say. We tell our students that respect is not what you know, it's what you do!

This is a powerful message that we try to instill in every one of our students. Today's society talks a lot about respect but we don't see the fruits of that respect in the way people interact, treat their body, talk online, or how they engage in their communities. At our school we want our students to do more than just talk about respect. We want them to SHOW respect. 

Living a life of respect is about more than saying please and thank you. Of course that's a good start but we need to look at how we treat our bodies. We model starting with the way we respect ourselves. Do you (and your family) eat healthy? Do you exercise regularly? Do you practice positive self-talk and encouragement? We can't show others proper respect without making sure we show respect to ourselves.

Once we've built a health respect relationship with ourselves we must follow up by showing respect to others around us. Again, it's not just how we talk to others, though that's important. It's the way we treat others with our actions. Do you uphold your obligations? Do you treat other's property with respect? Do you model proper respect to your children? We must always remember that our actions speak louder than our words. How we show respect to others is how our children will learn to show respect.

People often think that respect stops there but if we are going to be leaders we must also show respect to our communities. It's important to remember that we are part of a larger society and we need to show respect to that society. Do you participate in community events and fundraisers? Do you volunteer? Are you actively engaged in making your community a better place? If we show our families how to be a responsible and respectful community member we will go a long way towards improving our world.

At ATA Excellence Martial Arts we are committed to helping individuals and families learn to show respect in their actions. This isn't just about showing respect by bowing but showing respect to ourselves through physical fitness and health as well as learning to use respect in all areas of life.