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TBH It's Time to Put Down the Screen and HMU in Real Life!

Posted: September 20, 2017

Do you know that your kids are probably on social media fishing for interactions with the acronyms TBH and HMU? Why should you care? Because for the first time in 24 years suicide rates passed homicide rates as the leading cause of death for teenagers.

A survey from the National Institute on Drug Abuse found that teens who spent 10 or more hours a week on social media were 56% more likely to experience some symptoms of depression.

This generation of teens are less likely to get jobs, have a driver's license, or socialize at all in person. It's been reported that 12th graders in 2015 spent less time out of the house then 8th graders in 2009. All this time is being spent in front of screens that are making us less happy, less connected, and less...EXCELLENT!

In today's world we seem to think that a screen is a necessity for life and that if our teens don't have screens they will be less happy and behind the rest of the world. Yes, screens can have a lot of positive benefits but we must teach our families how to be in control of their screen time and not let their screens control them. We must remember that screens and technology can often enable our more base instincts to do less, be less, and sustain the status quo.

This is a clear danger to our children and one we must take seriously. Sit down with your family and create some rules on when and how you will use technology. Set boundaries that protect your family and help them to develop relationship skills and leadership skills in the real world.


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