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Tips For Promoting Better Health

Tips For Promoting Better Health With Your Youngest Kids

Posted: May 30, 2018


The job of parenting can be summarized as teaching your kids how to live life the best way possible. Making healthy decisions is a skill that your kids will need all throughout their lives. Instilling healthy habits when they are young will provide them with a strong foundation. The good news is promoting better health with your youngest kids can be fun and create quality time for you and them.

Preparing Delicious, Healthy Meals

Children do not have aversions to vegetables themselves; they have an aversion to the taste of vegetables. You can get your children to eat their vegetables by cooking the vegetables in a way that enhances their flavors while keeping their nutrition. Using the right seasonings and condiments can put veggies on your children’s list of favorite foods. Fruits are a favorite healthy snack because they are as sweet as candy. Fruit salad is a great snack to prepare for them when they come home from school. You can swap out the sugary, processed snacks in your cupboard for sugar-free, organic, and even gluten-free snacks. The key is finding healthy foods that taste just as good as their unhealthy counterparts.

Home Organization

Good organization in a home has been known to have positive effects on mental health. It helps to reduce stress and maintain a physically healthy environment for you and your kids. Go through your home and remove the unnecessary or unused items. If you no longer need it then donate it to a goodwill store. If you want to keep some items but have no use for them at the moment, put them into storage so that you can reduce the clutter in your home. This will free up more space and prevent allergins and other toxins from having a place to accumulate. Use simple plastic or wire baskets to provide the items you are keeping with a place to belong.


Teaching your kids how to have a healthy balance between academics and extracurriculars is important. If they learn the proper study habits for success while young, they stand a better chance of being able to form a healthy balance of study and play during their middle school, high school, and eventually college years. This balance will help reduce stress and help with mental health issues. Also, if your child finds a hobby such as a sport or activity that they want to devote a lot of time to, you can find schooling options that allow for them to do classes and homework on their own time, thus giving them more practice at properly balancing the activities in their life so that they can succeed.

Driving Safe

Safety is an essential part of taking care of one's health. And while your youngest kids may not be old enough to drive yet, it's still imprtant to teach them personal safety habits like buckling their seatbelts. If your child is young enough for a car seat or booster seat, but resists buckling in because it's uncomfortable, there are booster seat alternatives that are both safer and more comfortable, which may help encourage your child to buckle in.

Going to the Park


Going to the Park

The park is a place where children can get exercise while having fun. Encourage them to spend more time running, jumping, and climbing on the playground rather than swinging on the swings. Instead of sitting on the bench playing on your phone or reading a book, join in on the fun by chasing them and catching them when they slide or jump off the equipment. If you have a pet, take the pet to the park to be walked. You can let your children hold the leash.

Brushing Teeth Correctly

While brushing your children’s teeth will ensure their dental health, allowing them to brush their teeth by themselves will improve their self-esteem and independence. Having a great smile improves confidence, and proper dental hygiene is the foundation for strong, healthy smiles. Teaching them how to brush their teeth correctly will add fun and bonding to the teeth-brushing experience. Invest in fun toothbrushes and flossers and delicious-tasting toothpaste and mouthwash.

Enrolling them in martial arts and other sports


Enrolling them in martial arts and other sports

Enrolling your children in martial arts and other sports will instill physical health, good sportsmanship, and discipline. Martial arts is an excellent sport because it provides children the tools to defend themselves. There are even martial arts classes that parents and their children can take together. Showing up for and cheering them on at their games and practices will make them feel loved and supported by you for a lifetime.

Teaching your children how to make healthy decisions for themselves is the greatest gift that you can give them. Your children will ultimately make their own decisions about their wellness, but instilling a strong foundation when they are young will give them the power to make informed decisions.