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Tips for Raising Happy

Tips for Raising Happy, Healthy, and Productive Teens

Posted: May 29, 2019

Teenage years are a time of rapid development for your child. They grow rapidly, and their hormones begin to get more complex. However, all too often the teenage years tend to be filled with anxiety, stress, poor decisions, and laziness. Obviously not all teens are like this, or they may only have these feelings for a short amount of time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to do something about it. Martial arts is meant to inspire strength and discipline in your child, and there are ways to help you expedite building up healthy habits in your child through the use of martial arts.

Get Them Out of Their Comfort Zone

One of the best ways to help your child is to help them get out their comfort zone. Being a teenager can be a harsh time in many ways, so some teens revert back to only doing things within their comfort zone. Martial arts helps provide the opportunity to try new things and get them out of their comfort zone. Why? Learning martial arts has been shown to increase memorization, improve mood and boost one's inner confidence. Your children may not run into situations where they will have to defend themselves every day, but it can be your job to positively reinforce to them that learning martial arts is not just for their physical safety but also provides an abundance of other benefits.

Teach Them Money Management

Just like how martial arts can teach one good habits and life skills, teaching your child proper money management can accomplish the same thing. One of the most important things a teen has to learn before going into adulthood is being financially savvy. Teaching them about basic financial concepts such as credit cards, debt, saving and other matters will help them adjust greatly when they have larger financial responsibilities in the future. It is never too early to teach your children these valuable budgeting techniques so that they feel able to overcome any obstacle using their abilities.

As with any life skill, your kids can learn best when they see your personal example. Show them what it's like to deal with credit issues, income and expenses, and major financial concerns like your home's mortgage or medical payments. This may seem like a lot for a teenager, but it's better that they understand the fundamental expenses that they'll have to deal with one day.

Boost Their Self-Image

Growing up, many teens struggle with developing a positive self-image. A great starting point for building confidence in teens is helping them feel comfortable in their own bodies. Teach your teen to practice daily habits for self-care so that they can feel connected to their physical wellness. Simple daily habits like caring for their teeth, washing their face before bed, and staying hydrated will promote a healthy routine and boost their self-image.

Self-esteem doesn’t only affect how adolescents feel about their physical appearance but also their mental health. Confidence in social groups is often impacted by their fashion and way of presenting themselves to others. To help your teen feel comfortable, empower them to choose clothing that fits their body and style. This simple step will go a long way toward helping your teen feel comfortable and confident when interacting with the outside world.

Showcase Their Talents

Every person has a talent that is inherent in them, but they may not know the proper outlet to utilize it. This is where you can provide them with positive reinforcement by supporting them in whatever activity they are proficient in. Whether it is a sport, singing, or a specific topic, provide them with avenues, support systems or events in which they can showcase their talents. This could prove to be a big opportunity for them down the line.

Always try to see the best in your child's potential, and encourage them to see themselves in such a positive light. Whether your teen is competing in a martial arts tournament or teaching a younger sibling their skill, showcasing your teen's talents can help them feel motivated to work hard and continue to succeed.