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Why the LGBT Community Should Learn Martial Arts

Posted: May 29, 2019

When the average person thinks about martial arts, images of certain iconic movies may come to mind, particularly the fighting scenes. However, martial arts involve much more than fighting. The benefits of taking up martial arts may be an effective way to improve mental health, physical health, and boost confidence in vulnerable members of society, such as the LGBT community.

Mental Wellness

Members of the LGBT community are susceptible to increased rates of depression and suicide. According to Maryville University, “bullying, assault, lack of family and community support, and many other factors contribute to these increased rates of depression and suicidal thoughts in LGBTQ community members.” Martial arts challenge a person physically, mentally, and ask them to reach inside to overcome the challenges that they face in the classroom. Confidence, strength, and a sense of self-pride are a few of the other benefits that people get from participating in martial arts.

Self Defense is key

The LGBT community often faces a disproportionate number of trials and struggles in society such as discrimination in work, school, and elsewhere. These concerns become more important to tackle for places that are supposed to be safe from violence, like schools. Martial arts empowers you and is a great confidence builder, but part of martial arts training that people do not often associate with it is that it teaches you how to avoid a fight. Martial arts teaches you self-control in a tense situation and this gives you the ability to step back and evaluate it before acting. The best way is always to try to avoid a fight if possible, but if it comes down to it, it is good to have the right skills and training.

Builds Self Control and Discipline

Practicing the martial arts helps to build self-control and discipline. These positive mental health aspects can help in other areas of life too. According to Motley Health, “martial arts empowers people of all ages with the mental control and stamina that can lead to better performance at work and at school.” It teaches discipline and how to overcome your emotions and achieve what you want to do in life.

Learning martial arts can equip you with more than just fighting skills. It teaches many skills that cannot be gained through other forms of learning. With martial arts, you can learn how to overcome challenges, to set goals, and to reach them through hard work and discipline. Martial arts could help those in the LGBT community to overcome many of the challenges that they face in every area of their life.