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We Make Families Stronger

Through Martial Arts

Raising kids is hard.

We hear from parents all the time:

“My Daughter is getting bullied by other girls in her class.”

“I get a call from the school every week because of my child’s behavior.”

“My son is so shy he doesn’t have any friends.”

Let us help you raise successful children.

We want to give your family the tools to Strive for Excellence

Gain Confidence

Focus Your Energy

Protect Yourself

Build Strength

Show Respect

Learn to Lead

Stand up for Yourself

Build Friendships

Control Behaviors

Train as a Family

More than 28 Years of teaching experience

Because of my martial arts training I’m a more confident, fit, and disciplined person then I would have ever believed. My passion is passing that on to others!

– Master Zach Hayden
Owner of ATA Excellence Martial Arts

How to get started

Schedule a Trial Class

Schedule a time to come in and take a free trial class so you know if our program is a good fit for your family.

Try Your 1st Class

When you come to your first class just wear some loose fitting clothing and bring the whole family. You might want to bring a camera also to share the experience!

Test for Your New Belt

After your first class we’ll register you for your first cycle of training so you’ll be all ready to test for an Orange Belt when it’s time.

Martial Arts is About Much More thAn Kicking & Punching

Though martial arts is an investment in time and resources it has paid off ten fold for our students who’s families have walked into our doors for the past 18 years and have worked to achieve their black belts and beyond. Most didn’t knowing a thing about the martial arts when they came in and have gone on to become leaders in their schools, state and district champions, and amazing athletes.

ATA Excellence - Kendallville

ATA Excellence - Sturgis

Kendallville, IN

111 W. Rush St – Kendallville, IN

Sturgis, MI

863 S Centerville Rd – Sturgis, MI